Pastor Tim


Tim was called as pastor of Woodland Park Baptist Church On December 16, 2018.

He and his wife Susan moved from Eunice (northwest of Lafayette), where he was the pastor of First Baptist Church for 11.5 years.  Susan and Tim have been married since graduating college together in 1992. They really like Dairy Queen, good Mexican food, and Disney World.  

They have two grown children.  Adam is in grad school at Southern Miss and Ashley attends Southeastern.  

Tim and Susan have really enjoyed getting to know Hammond and all of the surrounding Berry Belt. (Tim really hopes he can get the phrase “Berry Belt” to catch on.)

Tim describes his ministry philosophy by saying, “I believe that Christ is the hope for all people.  I believe that the Word of God is the greatest source of encouragement and direction we can ever find.  And I believe that the default setting of the healthy church is joy.”

Tim and Susan host a regular podcast about life and the Word called Tim and Susan's Semi-exegetical Adventure that is available on iTunes, GooglePlay, Spotify, Overcast, Podbean and Anchor.

You can follow Tim on Instagram @pastor_tim.